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Making a ‘better’ life affordable, accessible and attainable for all.

Ozone began its journey in 1991 as a pharmaceutical company driven by the mission of making people’s lives better. Here, we define ‘better’ not just as freedom from suffering, but by our ability to preserve a zest for life. From pain management to cardio-diabetic care, we provide quality medicines at affordable prices — to remove all barriers to a good life.


Enabling healthcare providers to achieve better clinical outcomes. A comprehensive basket of treatment choices to preserve and expand life’s possibilities.

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Bringing women care to the fore. Empowering them at every stage of their lives with health, strength, wellness and beauty, so they can carry on regardless.

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Expanding the possibilities of life with critical and life saving interventions. Because Life Is Precious and deserves every chance to become better and brighter.

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Life — only better.

We aspire to add life to years and years to life by making innovative medicines and life-saving therapies accessible to all. Ultimately, we want every individual to feel empowered to overcome setbacks and embrace new experiences.

Providing Solutions, Impacting Lives


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Ozone Pharma
Ozone Pharma