Ozone Pharma

Power to People with Science

Protect, preserve and promote the holistic health and well – being of people through the power of science and wisdom of Ayurveda. “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life” — that’s our big ‘WHY’ in a nutshell.

In Pursuit of a Life Well-lived

Whether that is through affordable medicines, delicious and healthy food, organic skin care or even a rejuvenating wellness get away — improving your quality of life is at the heart of everything we do.

Committed to Good

A lot has changed since 1991.
We embraced new ideas, technologies, research, and markets.
But our values have remained the same.

People are assets

To create and inspire a culture of happiness. Our people are our greatest assets, and their well-being — our utmost priority.

Disciplined operations

Quality is the harmony of sustained human effort and synchronized operations that are laid down by policies derived from our years of experience and insight.

Time is most important

We all have the same 24 hours. We wake up and show up each morning with the goal of optimizing our time and potential so that our work impacts lives.

Vision without action is a dream and action without vision is a waste

Walking the talk is our trait, but more importantly we walk towards achieving our collective vision. Nothing we do is unguided because our vision embraces us all.

Fair and transparent

From intern to CEO, we’re building accountability at every level of our organization through tools that track progress and performance.

Plan work - work plan

We are both result - oriented and process - driven. Every aspect of our work is planned, reported, implemented for utmost organizational and people's impact.

Attitude over aptitude

We value attitude more than aptitude. A curiosity to learn, an openness to change and ability to adapt are our traits that set us a notch above the rest.

Bringing our Core to the Fore

We don’t take it for granted. We are a team of problem solvers, fueled by the desire to do good.

Every product is made to enhance life’s big and small moments. If it doesn’t uplift, empower or nurture you — it doesn’t cut it for us.

We are constantly finding new and innovative ways to help people live better. A “good enough” life is not good enough.

A Legacy of Three Decades

Our journey began in 1991 with a simple dream of “Adding Life to Years and Years to Life”. Rooted in altruistic thinking and a love for India’s rich cultural and scientific heritage, our Chairperson and Managing Director Mr. S.C. Sehgal founded the ‘Ozone Group of Companies’. From its humble beginnings in the pharmaceutical industry to spreading its wings across sectors such as beauty, analytical lab, wellness and skill development — the company has grown by leaps and bounds in the market place and in people’s hearts.

Ozone Pharma
Ozone Pharma