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Our diverse background, skills and experience enables us to bring fresh perspectives to the table and lead with empathy.

With an uncanny ability to tap into people’s needs and solve problems — Mr Madhu Mangal Kaushal aspires to create a ‘culture of happiness’ where every employee feels valued and inspired to contribute. With 29 years of diversified experience in sales, training, recruitment, marketing, business development and HR — he leads Ozone’s HR with empathy, transparency and a results-driven approach. Mr Kaushal is passionate about social causes and is a history buff who enjoys learning about India’s rich cultural heritage.


Chief Human Resources Officer

A 26-year veteran at Ozone, Mr P S Dusaj is the backbone of the Ozone group of companies. As Chief Coordinating Officer, he oversees all the back-office operations like Finance, Accounts, IT operations, SCM (Supply Chain Management) and HR — supporting the company’s growth and ensuring the smooth functioning of various departments. He has a Postgraduate in Mathematics/ Postgraduate in Applications and Management and applies his vast knowledge to solve critical issues. Outside of work, Mr Dusaj loves wearing his chef’s hat. He also has a green thumb and enjoys gardening.


Chief Coordinating Officer

An action-oriented leader with an MBA and with an attended and completed several programmes from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Mr Rajit Kumar aspires to make a difference to people’s lives by bridging the gap in healthcare. His distinguished career spanning three decades enables him to gain a deep understanding of various aspects of pharmaceuticals and the therapy/specialities business and is instrumental in building big brands in the industry and brings newer concepts in brands and therapy outlook. Always believe people are assets of an organization and work for their development. Mr Rajit spends his free time connecting with industry leaders and takes sessions in business schools.


Director-Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd

A perfectionist and self-confessed “skin-care nerd,” Sanchi Sehgal leads Ozone’s Signature Range with impeccable attention to detail. Her mission: Understanding skin concerns and delivering state-of-the-art formulations to treat them. She studied sociology and social psychology followed by legal education in the UK, she loves reading about skincare ingredients and pushing her team towards excellence. When she’s not busy solving skincare concerns, Ms Sanchi enjoys golf, baking, dance, and learning new skills.

General Manager-Ozone Signature Range

A pioneer, leader and change-maker, Mr SC Sehgal is a powerhouse in his own right. His vision of “adding life to years and years to life” has paved the way for innovative, compassionate and bold new thinking across the organization. He believes that embracing new cultures, ideas, and environments can expand one’s horizons and ability to create impactful work. Under Mr. Sehgal’s leadership, Ozone continues to spread its wings and earn recognition on the world stage.


Chairperson & Managing Director

A compulsive learner who is always looking to pick up new skills, Shruti Sehgal is a force to reckon with. She spearheads the group’s foray in the B2B luxury beauty segment and has over 15 years of experience driving change across business verticals and departments. Ms. Shruti holds degrees from the London School of Economics and South Asian University, and is involved in key business functions like finance and HR at Ozone. To unwind, Ms. Sehgal loves spending time with family, playing a game of tennis or rolling out the mat for her yoga practice.





Ozone Pharma
Ozone Pharma